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Michigan Pure Water is a full service company that provides a number of services to homeowners and business owners. Services we specialize in include drinking water systems,

water conditioners, water filtration systems, water softners, water purification systems, water treatment systems, and reverse osmosis systems. At Michigan Pure Water we take pride in a job well done, and in a timely manner. In addition, we make customer service our number one priority. We offer a variety of water systems to help your water stay clean and safe for your family or customers. Let the experts at Michigan Pure Water meet your water needs and complete your water projects.

At Michigan Pure Water we specialize in reverse osmosis systems. Reverse osmosis systems have a filter that contains a special kind of technology that allows the water flowing into your home to be cleaner and healthier than before. The filtration on a reverse osmosis system is very powerful, however, the filters are easily replaced as needed. At Michigan Pure Water, we can fit a reverse osmosis system to your entire house by attaching the system directly to the water pipes that enter your home. Or we can install reverse osmosis systems to specific areas such as under sinks or on showerheads. The experts at Michigan Pure Water are ready and willing to answer all of your questions about reverse osmosis systems. 

Michigan Pure Water can help you with all of your water system needs. You can rest assured that we are the experts to provide quality work at an affordable price. At Michigan Pure Water we work closely with every customer to be sure their expectations are met. Safer, cleaning water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning is just a phone call away. Pick up the phone and call the experts at Michigan Pure Water today. You will not be sorry you did!