A Full Service Company

Michigan Pure Water is a full service company offering a variety of water systems for your home and business. Some of our specialties include drinking water systems, reverse osmosis systems, water conditioners, water filtration systems, water softeners, water purification systems and water treatment systems.

Customer Oriented

At Michigan Pure Water customer service and satisfaction is our main priority. We work with our customers to provide the service and equipment you need to solve all of your water issues. The professionals at Michigan Pure Water complete projects in a timely and affordable manner. We do the job right the first time and explain to our customers what the correct water system is for their situation.

Personalized Service

No two homes are exactly alike and at Michigan Pure Water we take those differences into account when we plan your system. You can count on the experts at Michigan Pure Water to provide the system or systems you need for pure clean water.

Prioritize Health

At Michigan Pure Water we can assure safe water through purification systems, water treatment systems,water filtration systems, and drinking water systems. We even have a reverse osmosis system with a powerful filter to get rid of harmful substances. We can also install water conditioners and water softeners for those homes with hard water.

Our Services

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems

    At Michigan Pure Water, we can fit a reverse osmosis system to your entire house by attaching the system directly to the water pipes that enter your home. Or we can install reverse osmosis systems to specific areas such as under sinks or on showerheads.

  • Water Filtration Systems

    At Michigan Pure Water we work with our customers to make sure you understand the system and that the water filtration system is operating as it should. Clean, healthy water in a home is a necessity, not a luxury.

  • Water Softeners

    A water softener installed by the experts at Michigan Pure Water will work on the calcium and magnesium deposits in a home’s water supply. A water softener does not make complex changes to the water’s basic chemistry and operates with very little maintenance.

  • Water Conditioners

    hard water can cause an overabundance of minerals that may cause a number of problems. A water conditioner can help alleviate such issues as stiff laundry, skin problems, and the bad taste of food cooked in water.

  • Water Purification Systems

    our well water or city water may contain trace amounts of impurities. A water purification system can help decrease these impurities. That’s why the experts at Michigan Pure Water are here to answer any questions you may have about the purchase or installation of a purification system.

  • Drinking Water Systems

    Having clean, pure water for drinking in your home or business is a necessity. Michigan Pure Water will assess the water in your home and then suggest the drinking water system that will work best in your situation.

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